Sunday, November 29, 2015

Sunday Morning Ramblings

Well here I sit yet once again in a quiet household, I'm the first one to recover from that losing battle with the dreaded Sand Man last night and I'm up early watching the Kingsmen on HBO, but not really paying attention, and of course collecting my thoughts for the day.

Yesterday turned out pretty well, we managed to put Mom and Gerald's Christmas Tree up for 2015 and had a great time doing it.

Kim and Terri were both already there and waiting for me and Michelle when we got there, it was a real nice evening and everyone was a huge help in getting the 2015 tree up and ready for the season. It is a tradition that hopefully can continue to grow and grow more and more with each and every passing year.

Our plans for today are just to do our grocery shopping this morning. The Steelers play the late afternoon game today, so there may be a football game on tap for today. I watched the Mountaineers defeat Iowa State 30-6 yesterday afternoon. So it has been a pretty good football weekend for me so far.

Have yourselves a great day today and Go Steelers.

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