Sunday, January 05, 2014


Here I sit once again in a quiet household, I'm the first one to recover from a losing battle with the sandman and am up collecting my thoughts on the day. I have HBO on in the background, but have no idea what is playing and I'm up collecting my thoughts for the day and collecting my Facebook game bonuses.

Well we got our Christmas Tree down and packed away, the back bedroom cleaned up and organized while building Michelle a makeup station with mirrors and all of her cords and hair tools neatly hung next to the desk. We shampooed carpets in the new bedroom and made the transition from our old bedroom to the new much larger one that we always let the kids have. No more tripping around things in the middle of the night and walking the dark maze to get to the bathroom,. no longer have to try to avoid stepping on the dog, all because we now have plenty of space.

We've converted our old bedroom into a spare room, I left the TV and cable box in there as Michelle likes quiet when she sleeps. Me, I could sleep if a parade was marching through, you could say I prefer the noise to the silence.

Be prepared, we have an arctic blast coming our way in the next 48 hours. Temps here are supposed to be pushed close to double digit sub zero, which means if any wind is blowing it's going to go from Oh No this is cold to HOLY SCHNIKES this is freaking ridiculous.

Stay warm and enjoy your day.

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