Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Hump Day Sports

Well this past weekend wasn't the best for as far as sports goes. The Pittsburgh Steelers lost last Thursday, the Mohigans lost on Friday the Mountaineers got embarrassed Saturday. This week let's hope is not a repeat of last week.

One nice thing is my picture, in case you don't recognize this big behemoth devouring a John Marshall ball carrier, it's Arron Hill-Rosiak #78 from University High. I've been lucky enought o watch him grow up since he was 4 years old. This is our friend Trish's son for those of you who don't recognize the name. Arron has been tearing it up so far this season for the 7-1 University High Hawks. Hopefully some college can get a little interest in him and give a scholarship offer so he can have a free ride to the next level.

The Mountaineers will play host to #3 and #4 Kansas State this weekend here in Morgantown. After last weeks thrashing by Texas tech, we need to come out on fire and try to just light up the scoreboard. Two straight weeks of traveling to Texas seemed to have taken it's toll on our guys last week, as they just were not ready to play it seemed like. Let's see if we can turn that around this week.

There was one funny little video I saw done by a Kansas State fan calling himself the K-State Mask. He's done a video for every opponent that they have played this year and does a little mockery of each of their opponents. I thought it was pretty well done, and actually a little bit funny.

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