Sunday, April 01, 2012


Did we get you? Did you bite on the whole moving to Oregon thing?

As Michelle and I were sitting at dinner Friday night, we tried to come up with something for April Fools Day that was at least semi-believable. We nailed a few people a few years ago claiming that we got married (we are now...LOL). Last year we told everyone that Michelle was going to have a baby and now this years April Fools joke.

I wrote both blogs (the April Fools one and this one) a little over 26 hours ago so I have no idea how this joke will play out. I'll do my best to sell it though to see of I can real any Fools in this year. The one two years ago was a classic, as I am writing this I'm hoping this one is more successful.

We'll have to see, or you will know by the time you are reading this.


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