Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Hump Day

Well the first part of the week is now behind us, now it's just a matter of getting up over this hump and coasting to another fun filled weekend.

It's this time of the year that I really don't like. The days are still kind of short, but they are getting longer by the day, and the weather is still a little cold for my taste. I think this is the time when I start to suffer a little bit from SAD, I leave for work and it's dark, I get home and it's starting to get dark and even though I have been working my butt off the past five months in the gym, I feel like I could use an energy drink to revitalize me and get me past being tired in the afternoon. I have a few Five Hour Energy's in my office, that I can always use in the afternoon if I have an important meeting, but I tend to avoid taking them.

Note to self, remember to send a couple female groundhogs and a case of Aftershock to Phil before Groundhogs Day. Hopefully I can get him celebrating too much and he'll be too verschnockered to see his shadow in a few weeks.

Hi ho hi ho

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