Sunday, August 07, 2011

Marriage Day One

First off I want to thank everyone that helped us make yesterday happen, it just made the day that much more special. I wish I could say I grabbed a lot of pictures, my camera was with me but I did not have the opportunity to take the first picture other than the few I managed to gran with my iPhone. I understand now why couples hire professional photographers and we were no different. If anyone has any pictures from yesterday, Me and Mrs Hall would greatly appreciate the chance to be able to see them.

Michelle and I will be doing a little shopping today before packing up tonight and heading to Ocean City, Maryland tomorrow morning. She's never seen Ocean City or even the Chesapeake Bay Bridge, so I think she is going to be in for a treat. It's not too often that I just pick up and take a vacation someplace, so I am ready for a honeymoon too.

I do have to confess that every time I looked at Michelle during the ceremony I started to bawl, I kept thinking to myself there are 100+ people here and people are running cameras and I do not want to be material for a viral Youtube video of me bawling at our wedding.

I hope everyone had a good time, left with their bellies full and managed to leave with enough food to have another meal. Jean, Pam and the women at the church made all of the food for the feast and allowed everyone to enjoy a fabulous feast. I owe everyone a huge debt of gratitude.

I'm still running on nervous energy and very little sleep (I'm an early riser, so once again on behalf of me and my wife Michelle, thank you to everyone that helped us make yesterday a special day for us and the fellowship we were able to have. It was my once in a lifetime. Thank You.

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