Monday, August 01, 2011

And the Countdown starts

Well, this is my last week of work as a single man, I'll be working until Thursday and I'll be off Friday getting ready for our wedding Saturday. So, I guess this will be 4 on, and then 10 days off!!!!!!!

We did get a lot done this weekend, and things look like they are going to be running smooth up until the wedding date. We're getting help from all over the family and I have to say it is much appreciated. Michelle was over at Jes's yesterday making the programs to be given out, our "Wishing Well" as I have heard it referred to has been completed, we made it at home yesterday.

Mike has a keg of beer sitting ready for me at the bar and Pam and George are off Thursday and Friday to help us out.

The clock is ticking, wedding day is getting closer.

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