Thursday, December 31, 2009

Goodbye 2009


* 2009 started out on a good note as my Blog was rated #9 in Morgantown.

* I do believe that the only movie we saw in the theaters this year was in January when we went and saw Gran Torino

* We saw the inauguration of a new US President.

* Nick and Terri officially closed Nick and Terri's with this note:

Nick and I have decided after four years of running a tavern, we are calling it quits. We have made many new great friends here that we will miss alot. However, it is due time to get back in my life the things that are most important to us, our family and friends. This transaction will be taking place somewhere between mid February to mid March. We will be moving to Nick and Terri Sivak's in Opakisski road for a short time until we are able to get back on our feet. We will be planning a final bash that will include music with Floyd Cowger, Weedhawks and Homebrew I hope everyone will be able to attend to help celebrate the new chapter we are beginning So with that being said I will be seeing everyone soon.

* I started to pack, these were my final days of living alone and at Brunswick Apartments.


* In probably my biggest news of 2009, Michelle and I officially moved in together. We were given assistance by many of you reading this and I would like to issue one final heart felt thank you in 2009 for helping us.

* The Pittsburgh Steelers won their unprecedented sixth Super Bowl Championship. More than any other team in the NFL.

* That damn groundhog from PA despite all the bribes I sent him saw his shadow once again.

* I wrote a Blog Post about the Cash for Gold scam and have received three e-mails from their attorney's. I know my First Amendment Rights and it remained and still remains.

* Michelle and I purchased a nice new BBQ grill for each other for Valentines Day. I think it needs to be used more in 2010.

* We got a new 681 area code in West Virginia.


* Nick and Terri officially closed the bar on March 1st.

* The WVU Rifle team won their 14th NCAA Championship

* Nick and Terri moved.

* Michelle and I celebrated our first year together.

* We bought a new HDTV.

* MiHaley's officially became our 2009 softball sponsor.


* I managed to have an accidental meeting on the rails to trails and ended a long quest in seeking and finding my grandfathers music on a chance meeting.

* 1,500th blog post of George's Journal. Yet another milestone since I first started in 2004.

* Michelle and I went to the peak of Dorsey's Knob.


* A flood hit Morgantown and didn't affect me, but Michael my next door neighbor got it very bad as his basement was flooded.

* Brittany had her Prom.

* The Pittsburgh Penguins won the Stanley Cup.

* Kayla Brown played for the State Tennis Championship.

* My Car broke down.

* Brittany, Kayla, and a few of Hayley's friends all graduated High School.


* We helped Brittany celebrate her graduation as we all met for dinner at Oliverio's restaurant.

* We organized and executed a surprise 16th birthday party for Hayley.

* One of Hayley's closest friends was in an accident on Summers School Road and ended up losing her arm as a result of the accident. She is doing well now.

* Michelle Hayley and I had a day when we took a nice trip and had a picnic at OhioPyle.

* Pam and George had a deployment party for Moke as he was going to be deployed to Iraq. He should be coming home for a two week leave any time now.


* We once again enjoyed the Rosiak Family 4th of July Pic Nic. This was the second year I brought Michelle, looking forward to the 2010 pic nic. I guess we are about half way there.

* Moke was deployed to Iraq and actually arrived there. Maybe by the time this posts he will be back on good ole US soil for a couple of weeks.

* We enjoyed a nice trip to the Pittsburgh Zoo, this was my first trip to the Zoo in 25 years. It was a blast and I really enjoyed myself.


* The month started off with Michelle and I attending a pair of weddings. Our first one was Justin Samantha Knapp, who by chance are now going to have a baby girl compliments of a romantic honeymoon.

* Amy and Ralph tied the knot also in August. We all attended the wedding one night and a nice reception at their home the next day.

* We had house guests for a few days, Lynn, Trent, Becca and Corbin all came down from New York for a few days and visited.

* We had a slight accident with the Wii and the HDTV. The good news is we now have a bigger HDTV and a spare one in the spare bed room..LOL

* Brittany Dae Cummings attended her first day of College at West Virginia University, making me one very proud Uncle.


* Erica Jean Nicholson entered her quest for higher education as she attended her first ever day of school.

* Michelle fought a battle of the sinus infections as she had to make a trip to the Doctors.

* Our house was blessed with a couple of very cute kittens. Michelle managed to find good homes for both of them.

* My life became a living hell (just kidding), and so did every other Morgantown driver. Hayley passed her written drivers test and was issued her permit.


* Milestone achievement for both me and Michelle in the world of geocaching, we reached our 100th find as geocachers.

* We enjoyed a fun trip to the Mountaineer Balloon Festivals Light Up Night. We attended the last launch on Sunday.

* Hayley went to her Homecoming Dance, she was absolutely breathtaking in her dress.

* I had decided to switch companies and received my first offer of a few I would receive.

* Michelle and I spent a Friday Evening at Mountaineer Madness at the WVU Coliseum to start the 2009-10 Basketball season.

* Michelle and I went to Jeans to hand out Halloween candy for the second consecutive year.


* We fired our Fireplace up for the first time in the 2009 season.

* I ended my employment with SAIC and started with Sextant Technical.

* The Big East Officials made the worst call of the year, eventually screwing us out of a Big East Championship and a trip to a BCS Bowl.

* I attended the NATCARB conference at the Hilton Hotel at the Triangle in downtown Pittsburgh.

* I Finally got fed up with my internet host and switched away from GoDaddy. I went back and forth with them for a couple of months until they lost me as a customer.

* Michelle, Hayley and I went to Thanksgiving Dinner with her family. They rent out the Cassville Fire Hall for kitchen space and just plain space for everyone.

* WVU won the Backyard Brawl over the much hated Pitt Panthers.


* Michelle and I purchased our first real Christmas Tree together. We had a smaller one in my apartment last year, but this was a real blue spruce Christmas tree.

* We went Christmas Shopping and traveled to Wheeling for Festival of Lights.

* We traveled to East Liverpool Ohio to Michelle's grandmothers to celebrate Christmas with her family.

* We spent a nice day snowed in and baked dozens upon dozens of Christmas cookies for this season.

* We hosted Christmas Eve at our Home. We managed to have 27 guests over during the Holiday and it was a special day for us.

* For Christmas, I had picked up a certain Camera a couple of times and almost purchased it, the love of my life made my dream come true (I woke up with the person I love). I also got the camera.

* I bought Michelle a diamond heart pendant and a 14 kt gold chain to go with it for Christmas.

* I had a great 2009.

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