Saturday, May 10, 2008

We're going to try geocaching today.

Michelle, Hayley, her boyfriend Wyatt and I are going to be taking as trip east this morning and doing a little bit of geocaching in the Western Maryland area. I have quite a few cache's loaded up on my GPS (not that we will get to them all) that we are going to see how many we can find today. A couple are pretty easy on the way to Deep Creek Lake or Swallow Falls near there. I have loaded one cache up that is on FSU in case we make it over that far east.

I'll be taking my camera with me today (of course) so I will try to get a few pictures of the trip. and hopefully a few pics of the caches we find. We also have our beloved Travel Bug All Smiles and Hugs that we have to do something with today. last week we bought a few plastic spiders to change into the cache, but Michelle and I are talking about doing our own specialty item to leave.

It should be a memorable one today!

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