Saturday, May 03, 2008

A great invitation

Last night Michelle and I were sitting down and eating dinner at Wings Ole when my phone rang. Last year Chris, Randy Page and Chris's dad took part in the Steelers trivia challenge and set the single round record for points. They should have won the whole tournament, but they missed a question late in the semi-finals and were eliminated. This year Chris, Randy and another Softball team member Chewy were going to participate, but they moved the date of the taping and Chewy had to drop out. Last night I was invited to take part in this years competition that will be taped in about a month but won't air until about the time the Steelers Pre-season starts. I'll let everyone knows when it will air. We'll tape it May 31, June 1 and maybe June 2 if we advance far enough.

Needless to say I was pretty excited when I found this out. I may have to go up May 13 for an interview at KDKA prior to the taping. Michelle and I were originally planning on going up and watching them, now it seems like I will be a participant. We need a cheering section, anyone interested?

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