Thursday, May 08, 2008

Something new I ordered

Recently there has been an increase in VOIP broadband type phones. Over the past few years with the inventing of Vonage and Skype and more recently Comcast haws started offering their own brand of VOIP that many of my family members have tried and like.

Today, I found one that I think I may like and I have ordered it to give it a try. It's something a little different, it's called Magic Jack and I heard about it at work yesterday from Chad. He has a friend who has been using it for two years now and loves it and swears by it.

It's very economical, only $19.95 a year after the initial start of cost of roughly $39.95 which includes the first years service. It offers call waiting, three way calling, call forwarding, voice mail, and teller ID all included in the yearly price. You can call anywhere in the US with this device, you just plug the small portable USB device into a Computer's USB port and long as it has a high speed connection and then just plug your regular phone into the other end.

I'll give everyone an update once I try it out.

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