Sunday, May 04, 2008

A Weekend Tidbits

* I knew I had to do more than one post this morning, the one where I found the geocache and uploaded a series of pictures needed it's own post, so I guess I will address the est of the things in a Weekend tidbits.

* Mom passed word to me yesterday morning that Wilma Newbraugh (She was married to my Grandfather up he until he passed) had passed away yesterday morning. Viewings will be from 3-5 and 7-9 On Monday and the Funeral will be Tuesday at 11:00 at McCulla Funeral Home. Uncle Jr Koon will be officiating. Her obituary is posted online at the McCulla website. RIP Wilma.

* Gary and Renee took a trip yesterday to the Pittsburgh and to the Carnegie Science Center yesterday. I had went there earlier this year and Gary and Renee were supposed to make it the same day,but some of us aren;t afraid of a little inclemate weather and made the trip that day.

* Of course Gary took my advice and no trip to Pittsburgh is complete without a trip to Primanti Brothers where Gary took Renee and Joey yesterday after they were done at the Museum.

* I do have to say that after yesterday's excursion, my body is very, very sore. It was well worth it though, I can use the exercise. I feel sore, but I feel great if that makes any sense.

* We have a softball game tomorrow at 6:00 on Ogden field against REM. If this is the same REM team as last year, MVP Paintball is going to have to be on top of our game.

* Slinky's are great to play with. OK, I am a big kid =)

* Trish said that Arron has a makeup game this afternoon at 3:00. I may try to get my lazy butt up and go down and try to watch.

* Tomorrow is Cinco De Mayo for any of you looking for a good excuse to drink a beer. It's a Mexican Holiday, but we celebrate it here in the US. Look for drink specials at your local watering hole tomorrow.

*Weekends are great, but they all have to come to an end. =(

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