Friday, May 30, 2008

Big Ole Hairy Friday

It is once again that time of the week that we all look forward to, the time when the labors of the week cease and we sit back and once again enjoy the fruits of our labors, it is a Big Ole Hairy Friday and the start of yet another weekend.

I found a cute little entertaining toy today, it was an idiot test and to be honest with you it starts off very easy and gets harder. You can beat it, as I have but it may take a few times and if you mess up you will have to start over from the beginning.

For those of you looking for a little free entertainment tonight, BOPARC will be showing the movie Shrek 3 at the Hazel Ruby McQuain amphitheater tonight. Bring a law chair and your favorite food and beverage and sit down to a nice movie under the stars.

I on the other hand will not be under the stars, I will be at home getting drilled by Michelle (the good kind too if I'm lucky) on Steelers trivia. This is the weekend that I go to Pittsburgh and we tape the Steelers trivia show that will play later in the summer. I can't say any of the results or where we place, so if you are curious you'll just have to tune in later this summer to KDKA =)

I heartfelt congratulations goes out to Danielle and Michelle's niece Amanda who will be closing one book of their lives tomorrow and getting ready to write another one when they both Graduate from High School. I would like to congratulate all area High School students and wish them a safe, happy weekend and good luck in their future endeavors.

Mike Garrison has called an emergency meeting later today with the WVU Board of Governors. Hopefully Mike will show a little integrity and step down like everyone else thinks he should before WVU loses any more professors like they have these past few weeks.

Weather looks like it is going to be good once again this weekend, so take some time out and get out and enjoy the nice weather.

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