Tuesday, May 06, 2008

No Confidence

The West Virginian University Faculty Senate met last night and gave a 77-19 no confidence vote in President Mike Garrison as a result of the Heather Bresch scandal where she was awarded a Masters Degree that she did not earn.

Garrison has indicated he will not step down because he loves WVU, but I say if he truly loved this School and this state, he would do the right thing and resign the office of the Presidency. West Virginia University is taking a hit on it's integrity as long as this man who was never qualified to hold the position to begin with sits behind the desk of the President.

As an Alumnus of West Virginian University, I am also calling for Mike Garrison to do the right thing and step down so that WVU can recover and move in the right direction. I don;t care if you are sorry, or if you made a mistake, do the right thing.

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