Thursday, November 23, 2006

Pleasant surprise

I had just left Val's and her Thanksgiving Dinner and I got a phone call from Moke. He seems to be having a lot of fun, I think he likes the military, they are teaching him masonry and carpentry, but I think he likes it once its built and they get to "blow the shit up".

He told me about a link to some of his Training Pictures that I thought I would share with everyone. There is also a general link to his companies site and it has their daily training schedule.

He will be there for eight more days and then he will be off to Mississippi for his AIT training that will carry him through January. He will have the opportunity to come home for a breif break over Christmas, and I know I am really wanting to see him.

His address for the next few days is:

E-1 McClain, George
A CO 1/48 IN, 3rd Plt
Unit 13
Ft. Leonard Wood, Mo

However, he will be moving on in his training soon.

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