Monday, February 28, 2005

Today's modern technology

OK, maybe this post is a few days late, but I still want to address it before too much time passes by. Last Friday I had a very unique opportunity to meet my cousin Trena over the internet.

My Aunt Bonita in Alaska had asked me if I would send a few of the recent pictures that I had uploaded of my grandmother and grandfather to her daughter Trena.

Recently I had scanned some old rare pictures that had been stuffed in a box somewhere before we added more life to them by scanning them and uploading them to the internet.

After e-mailing her a few of the pictures, I initiated an AOL Instant messenger conversation with her and then told my sister Kim that she was on AOL. Kim quickly installed AIM at home and before you know it the three of us were conversing over the internet.

It was nice to meet a family member that I have never met who lives some 4,000 miles away.

Note to family members in Alaska, I need more pictures.

P.S. I STILL Hate snow.


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