Friday, February 04, 2005

Added a new sidebar item

Recently reading Daniel's, Kamey's and Kim's BLOG they had all tied in video files to their sidebar of their BLOG's. I wanted to add something there, and was actually thinking about embedding one of my own Windows Media files to the sidebar.

With Kim moving her site and adding a photoalbum I decided to tie our picture sites into the sidebar. Between her and I there are currently over 1,000 various pictures being hosted at one site or the other. I'm sure that number will always continue to grow and it's something I hope everyone enjoys stopping by and seeing what has been recently added. I also love the feature where you can leave comments, but a word to the wise, we both have complete administrative control over both of our site and it's content. In other words, place nice so everyone can enjoy their visits. Doing these sites are tricky, a financial obligation and time consuming. They are done so everyone can share in our memories and reflect back on days gone by.

Maybe it's just me, but I feel that sites like this give a new meaning and a new life to once old and static pictures shoved in a box in a closet and forgotten about. They are all in digital format which means you can easily transfer the median and save them to a disk and go somewhere and have prints made quite easily.

I also added Mark Devault's, who is running a different program to display his pictures. Mark is a guy I've known for year and we just found out last summer with Lottie's passing that we were actually cousins. He is also the king of the MySQL database.

Hopefully as time passes I'll be able to add additional albums from other family members and friends.

I thought it was a nice subtle, but yet a very useful sidebar item to add.

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