Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Early Planning

I don't know if any of you know this, bedause I don't think that I have ever mentioned it. I HATE SNOW!!!! Snow is usually associated with winter and so on.

I have a plan. Tomorrow is Ground Hog's day. If the pesky little rat sees his shadow we are going to have six more weeks of this horrible season they call winter and possibly even more snow. Arrrgghhh. (Side note to self, start looking for Jobs in Aruba) However if this lovable adorable creature does not see his shadow, then spring is right around the corner.

Here is the plan being this is February 1st. I need a brave volunteer to do "Operation Kill the Rat".

There has been a plan devised in which there are 8 Choice ways to eliminate the pesky little rhodent.

If all goes according to plan and someone can get to Punxsutawney PA before tomorrow and kill the rat, we may be able to avoid getting any more snow. Just start looking for a Rat named Phil when you get there.

Either terminate Phil with extreme prejudice or just simply poke his eyes out. Either way, just make sure that tomorrow when he has his day in the sun, there is no possible way that this rat can see his shadow.

If we get to him early enough, we can prevent anymore of this ugly snow fall and start getting to the season where girls run around wearing a lot less clothing.

Did I ever mention I hate snow?

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