Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Most Amazing Geography Software I've seen.

Thats a pretty strong statement when you consider a few things:
  1. I am a Geographer
  2. I work in the Field of GIS
  3. I have already seen some pretty amazing things in the terms of GIS
For a mapping software to come out and completly blow my mind it would have to be something extremely special.

Tday, I have been given a chance to see that software and it comes from NASA of all places. It's called World Wind 1.2 and it has just totally captivated me today. Please be forewarned, it is a free software, but it also is about 170 MB in size to download. If you have a cable or DSL connection and at least 256 MB of RAM at a bare minimum and a 3D Graffics card. This software is VERY computer intensive, but well worth it if you have the minimum system requirements.

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