Tuesday, February 22, 2005


* Once again it's time for tidbits this morning.

* I was driving through town this morning and noticed that Mode Roman is STILL having a going out of buisness sale. Correct me if I'm wrong, but hasn't his going out of Buisness sale been going on for over a year that I can think of.

* On my way to work this morning I was flipping through channels. First I was listening to Aaron Scott and listening to him deliver news about a massive earth quake in Iran.

* Then I kicked over and started listening to Eric McGuire and started listening to people making up their own facts. One guy was talking about what Miss WV was Miss America in 1980. He tried to say it was Jaon Benoit Ramsey's mother. If you look at the History of Miss West Virginia you will notice we have NEVER had a winner. In 1977 however Pat Brown, who was Joan Benoit's mother was miss West Virginia.

* To top that off, the Movie trivia guys wife invented her own answers when she said that Jack Nicholson's first movie role was in Little Shop of Horrors, but according to IMDB.com his first screen appearance came two years prior in The Cry Baby Killer. Sheesh, I thought everyone knew this stuff.

* I did manage to order something that will always help me remember my time at WVU. I guess a guy who started and finished WVU the same time I did has done a DVD called Morgantown Mahem that I ordered. I know a couple guys who have seen it and love it. It was just a guy who video taped events from his time in college here.

* My sister Kim was telling me Sunday about a report on CNN where here in West Virginia on the Potomac River that they were finding fish eggs inside of male fish. So, being that I work at the Natural Resources Analysis Center I started to ask around to to the wildlife and fisheries guys, and their thoughts were similar to mine. The region has a high population of Poultry Houses. This is where they breed a lot of chickens. Our theory is that they have been ingested with a growth hormone that could potentially leave the chicken in their bile. With so many chickens in the area, watershed contamination from the excess of chicken manure is something that I myself have wondered about for years. My friend Ginger did a report on the number of poultry houses in the area. We had actually discussed me following up on her reseacrh the next year, but I got on a different project. Now I kind of wish I had followed up on it. Anyways, I did a quick little map of the area and its watersheds. The Potomac runs along the northern Bortder of West Virginia and the green areas are poultry houses in either the Northy Branch Potomac, South Branch Potomac or Cacapon watersheds that all drain into the potomac.

* I just took a look at this novel that I have written and thought maybe I should have made a story out of a few items rather than doing a tidbits section.

* Kim brought me a few nice presents yesterday, she's into canning and brought me a canned Deer Meat, a Canned stuffed Peppers, a Canned Home msde Salsa and a Canned zucchini cake. I haven't eaten any of them yet, but it is very tempting.

* I guess you can call this long tidbits post as a Mission Impossible completed.

* P.S. I Still Hate Snow

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