Sunday, November 13, 2022

Thank You Kiwi

I have to really hand it to my Defensive Coordinator and Aviary friend Kiwi. Do you know what he did yesterday? When Oklahoma went up 20-13 on WVU late in the 3rd quarter, he started screaming his little lungs out at the defense. He was mad and upset that they let up that last touchdown that he decided to take over. WVU Offense managed to put 10 points on the board after that point while Kiwi's Defense shut Oklahoma down and WVU ended up winning 23-20 beating Oklahoma for the first time since the Fiesta Bowl when Stew took over. Thank You Kiwi, and he says to tell Neal Brown he wants some more blueberry-flavored sunflower seeds. 

It's Sunday, yesterday obviously a day when Michelle and I go and do our grocery shopping for the week. We have the menu planned out and we're going to Krogers this morning. It's something we enjoy doing and we do it every week. 

Michelle is going up to Pittsburgh today with her sister Chris. They are going to go through her Mom's old trailer and salvage a few things before winter. Not sure if they will be able to salvage much, but there is a freezer there that Chirs wants to get out of there. I'll probably be on my own for dinner this evening. I'll handle the homefront while she does what she needs to do back home. 

I did see my niece Amy yesterday. Michelle and I went to the Walmart on the other side of town and I went to the restroom, and Amy and Kynlea were walking out. Got to speak to her a couple seconds, Michelle saw Ralph somewhere else in the store but we lost track of them. It was nice to see her, I don;t see or talk to her nearly enough. 

Have yourselves a great day. 

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