Monday, March 06, 2017


All good things must once again come to an end. We've reached that time when we stop the relaxing and enjoying of the weekend and start concentrating once again on the things that we do to earn a living. It's time to start our takeover of the world, call the minions.

Hopefully the weather will be more cooperative today than it has been the past few days, I wanted to grill all weekend and never got to, now I think we are finally going to get our chance this evening as we have steaks marinating and ready to throw on the grill this evening. I'm eagerly awaiting Springtime and I can't wait no more, got to have some grilled food!!! I should be firing up the smoker some weekend soon.

I'm ready for next week already, Sunday Morning we will lose an hour of sleep as we spring the clocks forward for Daylight Savings Time extending our evening daylight time that we have. My body will have to make an adjustment, but we are at the dawn of my favorite time of the year.

Nothing big planned this week according to my calendar, but that can always change at the drop of a hat. Hopefully next week we can start getting out a little in the evenings and maybe hit the trails or something.

Have yourselves a great start of a new work week and a great least favorite day of the week.

Hi ho hi ho

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