Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Hump Day

Well two days down, a couple ahead of us and now all we have to do is get up and over this noon time hump today and it will be all down hill towards another fun filled weekend.

Me however I am starting a new Quarter so my days off are going to be non-existent until Easter. We had our kickoff meeting yesterday, and we are all just about ready to to head out. Hopefully we will have some good weather, the days are going to be longer so I will have more daylight hours. I think that really inhibited us last quarter, we're ready to go though.

Opioid overdoses in West Virginia have been on a rise, and that is a scary thought. This is one of the reasons I give up my free time to work on the NSDUH, what we are doing is trying to make a difference.

Michelle is loving the new job, I think that she is very happy now with her career and is loving MEPCO. Her office is much bigger than it was with her previous office and she is in seventh heaven. It warms my heart to know that she is finally being appreciated for what she does.

Have a great day today

Hi ho hi ho

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