Saturday, August 01, 2015

Traveling to Monaca

I would go through my normal spiel of being the first one to awaken, but Michelle woke up a couple of hours before I did so she is way ahead of me on waking up. I'm a bit of a slacker to say the least this morning.

Today's plan is to pack up the Forester and head north to Monaca Pennsylvania for little Jonny's Second Birthday party. Both Chad and Hayley will be riding up with us today as well as taking Jonny's present which is a Little Tykes Grill that he always plays with at Daycare.

Other plans for the day will be to stop at Tanger Outlets again so Michelle can do a little bit of shopping and I would imagine that we will be making a trip to their favorite Hot Dog Shop since we will have a car load for the trip.

I did wake up this morning to sheer terror, my sister Kim made a video of my worst nightmare to scare me. That would be a travesty, especially when it is shorts and sandals type of weather. I don't cruise to the North Poll, I go to the Caribbean.

Have a Great day as I try to recover from the mere thought of that white stuff falling.

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