Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Hump Day

Well here we are again, in the middle of the work week going up and over this noon time hump working towards another weekend. It's always the hardest day of the week to write a blog for me, Tuesday's being the longest blog to write but I have content there. Wednesdays are just a bitch to write on or about.

Tonight Michelle and I will be going out to dinner at the Pines Country Club. They have a Boston Beanery there and we as a company are meeting with the people who handle our retirement accounts about investment options. Personally the Dow took a huge hit yesterday and me doing anything before it rebounds would be idiotic on my part and money lost. I always go long, so I'm not panicking and costing myself any money by panicking. I'll go and listen to the presentation and enjoy the free meal. =)

Michelle has finally seen the new layout for her new office. They are building a new complex out at Cheat Lake and will be leaving their Mileground location for the home office. Her new office will be a about the same size if not a little bit bigger than she currently has now. Not sure of a completion date for the project, it has been a couple of years for them settling on a final location, as it has moved numerous times before they have ever broken ground.

We got Pearl Inspected earlier this week, so now both Subaru's are good for another year as far as West Virginia State Inspections. We also had the oil changed and some routine maintenance done as we are getting ready to travel to Baltimore in about 2 1/2 weeks.

Speaking of Baltimore, I need to start writing my absentee Blogs for when we go on vacation this year. Everyone needs a vacation and that includes bloggers from blogging as well. We are talking about getting limited internet access on the ship this year since the Pride has upgraded to a Funship 2.0. I think the one upgrade I am really wanting to try is going to be Guy's Burger Joint which the Pride now has.

Have a Great Day

Hi ho hi ho

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