Sunday, July 01, 2012

Hello Big XII

The absolute disaster in waiting that is about to happen to the Big East Conference is no longer our concern. After nearly 20 years as a member of the Big East, West Virginia is no longer a member of the conference.

As of today, we are now new members of the Big XII. We've had an invitation since last fall, but it all became official today as we officially switch conferences today.

From 5-7:00 PM tonight around Morgantown the Big XII will be flying a Welcome to the Big XII banner around the city by plane.

We will be joining TCU today as conference affiliates even though a year ago we were going to welcome them to the Big East, but the landscape of College Football changes.

The University of Texas, Oklahoma University, Kansas University, Kansas State University, Texas Tech (where John Denver graduated), Oklahoma State, Iowa State and Baylor will be our new conference foes. We were the glue that held the Big East together after the initial invasion with three BCS wins. With the upcoming change of format and the fact that the Big XII generates more revenue than the Big East and ACC combined, we're sitting pretty.

It's a day all Mountaineer fans have been anticipating.

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