Sunday, December 04, 2011

Christmas Tree Done

Our 2011 version of the Hall Christmas tree is now up and running in our household. Michelle and I went to Southern States yesterday morning and picked out a tree, and unlike any previous versions was the very first tree that we actually came across. It was laying down in the way and when I stood it up, we realized it was the right height, the right kind and a nice shaped tree that was full of branches and no void areas in its makeup.

We picked this tree and brought it home. Trimmed it up, set it up in the stand and last night we put the lights and decorations on to give us our 2011 version of the tree.

We did find a couple little additions yesterday that we have added to the tree this year. One is a remote control that controls the tree turning on and off. No need to crawl in behind and turn any switches or plug anything in anymore, just use the remote. The second thing that we found was a little funnel that is about three foot long and can be hidden and camouflage'd to hide it's spout to make watering the tree a simple ans easy task.

It was a very productive day.

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