Monday, October 05, 2009

Is it Monday Again?

Would you believe that it has been a while since Michelle and I actually got the day to spend Geocaching yesterday. Well, the weather was nice today and we took the GPS, although we never used it, and spent the day grabbing a few Geocaches around Morgantown.

I kind of wanted to get out 100th one this year and with the four that we got yesterday that puts our total at 98 caches found and one hidden to date. I want to get at least two more finds to reach that magical milestone of 100 just so I can say I've done a hundred of them.

We got one at the Old Alumni Center, one at the Law School, failed to find one at the Core Arboretum, and found a couple in Woodburn to round out the day before we picked Hayley up and gave her a nice chance to drive around and practice a little bit yesterday.

It was a great day that I got to spend with a couple special ladies. Maybe today will even be better.

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