Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Hump Day

Well we are getting there, it's once again Hump Day and it is all down hill from here on out.

I have to hand it to the facebook Crew. We found out yesterday that Morgantown High was on lock down and spread the word in a few short minutes. I have to say having a large social network when using a social networking site can work to your advantage. I read it on Renee Tressler's status update who drove by the school, called Michelle and she called Hayley and got the quick scoop all in about 5 minutes. Pretty good network we got going there.

Michelle has been coming down with the flu the last few days, she really wasn't feeling very well last evening.

I guess my brother Gary isn't feeling all that well either, I guess he cut his thumb real bad at work yesterday and cut some ligaments. I was talking to Jean and she said they had to put him to sleep to repair it. Well I guess in dog years he is about 280, so I guess he lived a long enough life and could be put down..LOL He'll be fine, if I know him he'll take a day or two off and be right back at it.


Anonymous said...

how about he went to work today for a half a day lol


Unknown said...

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