Thursday, October 15, 2009

As I mentioned in a Tuesday's Tidits

As I mentioned Tuesday I have a career announcement to make. As I said SAIC my current employer has lost the contract at NETL where I work.

SAIC the prime on the existing five year contract, but when the contract came up for rebid it was broken down into a series of contracts. SAIC had bid on three of the contracts that cover GIS services and failed to win any of the three. I had already received my layoff notice effective November 14th as well as every other SAIC employee who were contracted to NETL.

Two of the three contracts were awarded ta couple of months ago and the third was just announced this past weekend. I had resume's in with the two primes who won the two announced contracts and have exchanged quite a bit of paperwork with one of them including my salary history. An office mate of mine got his paperwork in early and had his interview with them and has an offer letter in hand.

I have an offer in hand with a substantial pay raise from a company that is subbed to all three winning contract bidders. They are jumping with joy and so am I, I said three months ago what the best scenario for me was and it played out exactly that way.

I have an offer in hand and will sign and submit it tomorrow to Sextant Technical. A small company of four people (and adding two more so far) and a wealth of GIS resources. We will be developing and hosting the GIS Touch Table both here in Morgantown and in Pittsburgh. They are wanting to form a one stop GIS services company at NETL that can cross over any and all contracts. Sextant has a vision, a gameplan, are proven winners and get the job done.

I am very fortunate for this opportunity to be working with the people I am working with, Sextant is the innovators of pushing the envelope in GIS data, Analysis and presentations. Forget that it is the biggest and best offer of my professional career, this is my ideal job.

Fourth company in 18 months, layed off twice, voluntarily left for another job once and never missed a beat. As I look back at my decision to go to school, it just reconfirms it was the best decision I ever made.

WOO HOO!!!!!!

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