Saturday, April 05, 2008

The Big Announcement

On March 24th, I received an e-mail from the COO of Infotech Enterprises of America, my current employer asking me to call him. Over the past few months since a couple big projects wrapped up that I was the final editor on, work has been slow and it was basically me waiting on work and almost begging for things to do. I called Jim and the news was delivered, I was going to be laid off. We were moving in a new direction and no longer working on planamteric data and were going to concentrate on ortho generation. In other words, we're going after the pictures rather that the geometrical shapes around the data. I received my official notice this past week and Monday, April 7th is my last day at Infotech.

Now, go back a few weeks to a BLOG I WROTE about the play that mom was in and Kim, Terri, Brittany and I attended. The guy playing Jesus, Chad Rowan, was a GIS guy and couldn't be all that bad. I had known Chad though college and I did a google search on his name and noted where he was now at.

Right after I got off the phone with Jim from Infotech, I immediately sent Chad an e-mail informing him of my circumstances. He informed me he had a Technician leaving that Friday. The ball was set in motion.

I had placed numerous resumes out there and had received a few responses, I had interviews with Enterprise Rent a Car (no Offer), LSI yesterday, I had a response from Blue Mountain, but haven't heard back from them, there was the Holy Smokes, which I thought was AT&T, but it would have been for a Company called Fusion Solutions in Virginia, even though I have come to find out they have an office in Morgantown (this could have potentially been six figures and all expenses paid) and a few other head hunters.

I had a phone interview with Chad's Company last Friday and went in for an in person interview on Wed. I thought the interview went well, but there were two candidates and we were both qualified and he knew both of us. He said I would know something by early next week, but Thursday the HR department called and wanted to do a background search on me.

My goal was to find and start a new job by or at the time of my lay off with Infotech. Mission accomplished.

Yesterday afternoon, I received and accepted an official offer to start working for Information Manufacturing Corporation right here in Morgantown. I will start to work for them on Tuesday, the day after my last day with Infotech. Paperwork still needs signed, but it is in transit to my home through the mail as we speak. My job search is now officially over. Ironically, this is a company that I have known about a few years and wanted to work for them prior to me accepting a job at Vargis/Infotech a few years ago. They were in Clarksburg then, they are in Morgantown on Maple Avenue now.

Also, I was inquiring to my former employer the NRAC about some part time or contract work, Kelly called me yesterday afternoon and said she would get the paperwork started on Monday.

Main Job secured and secondary income secured.

Mission Accomplished.

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