Sunday, April 27, 2008

A Great Day

Yesterday Michelle, her daughter Hayley and I decided to take advantage of some nice weather and get out and about. I wanted to get out and enjoy nature a little and Michelle was reading my mind with the idea of going geo-caching. It was something I started doing last year running around a little, but it was something I wanted to start doing more for other reasons, such as getting out and having fun and of course health reasons.

Neither Michelle or Hayley had ever done any geocaching, not that I am any expert or anything, so I started them out with one I had found called the Johnny Cash Cache. This is one I had found before with Kelly and knew exactly where it was. I turned on the GPS and told Michelle to navigate us to it. She put us right on the spot and I showed them where it was based on the clues. Everything then made sense, so it was then off to find our next geocache.

Like I said I wanted to get out and have a little fun, so we headed to Ohiopyle State Park. Neither had ever been there so I showed them around to some of my places I like to go. We saw the big falls, Cucumber Falls, the Overlook at Kentuck and the natural waterslide. I had to take my camera with me to make a few Kodak moments, I have uploaded the picture for the day to HERE picture site.

After I had showed them Ohiopyle, it was off to search for the Cascade Cache. As we started down into the forest to seek the cache, we were hit in the middle with some thunderstorms, but we were already down the hill far enough that we couldn't turn back.

We got to Cascade Falls and started looking for the cache. We were in the area for probably an hour trying to find the cache. We were looking everywhere and couldn't seem to find it. When we got to within 13' of it for the umpteenth time, I handed my wlaking staff to Hayley and she walked a few feet and I heard those magical words.."I Think I Found Something". Sure enough, she had found the cache that we sought out to find. After Hayley's find we all logged into the log book and placed the cache back where we found it and started our journey back to the car.

Needless to say we were about a mile and a half in walking (about a half mile as the crow flies) and there was an extreme amount of relief (elevation change)from where we parked to where the cache was. Unfortunately, the downhill part was going in, not coming out. I did manage to get out of the hilly humid area and get the car.

Once we left there and started our tract back to Morgantown I treated the girls to Pizza Hut by Nemocolin and then we headed back to Morgantown. Last night I introduced Michelle to Kim, Robert and Roki. Brittany had already met her.

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