Sunday, November 04, 2007

Weekends over

It was a relaxing weekend, didn't really get into too much. Ate Breakfast with Amy and Ralphie yesterday morning at Hardees. Stopped by the bar once and visited Terri, other than that a pretty uneventful weekend.

Next weekend will be quite busy for me.

Thursday Night I'll be going to the WVU Louisville game with Nick.

Friday Night Morgantown High and University High Start the playoffs here against each other and WVU will be hosting the Big East Soccer Championship this weekend at the soccer stadium.

Saturday I'll be going to see Gallagher with Pam and George.

And if WVU is playing for the Championship Sunday, I may go watch the Big East soccer Finals.

Needless to say that there will be plenty for me to do and get into this coming weekend.

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