Saturday, November 10, 2007

I officially don't like Go Mart

About a week or so ago McBee's Exxon up here obviously changed ownership and a few policies. They no longer carry Exxon Gasoline (My preference) and the store is half empty of products. (Not to mention the bad sandwich I got this past week).

This morning I pulled in to fill up my gas tank, it was on E and needed filled, so I pull in and put in my card and choose credit. I start filling up and the pump shuts off at $50.00.. My tank isn't full, unfortunately, so I proceed to walk into the store and tell them that the pump shut off at $50.00 for some reason on a credit card purchase. I was informed it was their company policy to limit gasoline purchase credit card transactions to $50.00 and debit card transactions to $35.00.

Maybe it's just me, and I could understand if they limited that dollar amount if you paid after the purchase, but this is the same as a prepay transaction. You're limiting me to $50.00 worth of gas per credit card and $35.00 per debit transaction?

Well my tank is I believe a 22 gallon tank, the light comes on around 18 gallons though, and at the current $3.19 a gallon it's not hard to purchase in excess of $50.00 of gasoline in a single transaction, especially for those of us who drive SUV's.

So Go Mart, this individual who used to have to fill up every other day and now spends roughly $30.00 a week now or $60.00 every two weeks, is now an unhappy customer and is probably not going to be doing any more business with you. That is roughly $1,600 a year I spent at this store JUST FOR GASOLINE PURCHASES. That doesn't include the bottles of diet coke, breakfast sandwiches, or any other item I may purchase when I stop in.

To the new owners who probably paid a premium price for that prime location, you're own idiotic policies and empty store have just officially cost you a long time customer. Don't know how many pennies your policy is going to save you, but it just cost you a couple thousand dollars a year in sales to this consumer.

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Anonymous said...

Considering they make about 7 cents a gallon on gas, but have to pay 5 cents in credit card transaction fees per gallon, they're losing $10.00 a year on your credit card purchases for gas. the limits are there to minimze chargebacks on bad credit cards that are initially approved and later reported missing or stolen as an effort to steal fuel. With today's high costs, people resort to all kind of tricks to get by.