Monday, November 19, 2007

Mountaineer weekend

Yesterday I went to my second Mountaineer basketball game (women's too) this weekend as the Mountaineers beat Prairie View A&M yesterday 106-41 in a game that was total domination from the start. It was part of the Stub Hub Classic, WVU will advance to the semi-finals this week to play Tennessee. Both the men's and Women's teams plat the Vol's this week. The Vol's women are ranked #1 and their men's team is ranked #7.

The BCS polls came out yesterday and WVU is in better shape than I thought. I thought we would end up being #4 in the BCS rankings, but we ended up #3 in the rankings. This week #2 plays #4, so if we win, we should stay the say no matter who wins. If #4 Missouri wins, they will leapfrog us to #2 while #2 Kansas would drop.

Keep your finger crossed.

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