Friday, June 29, 2007

The weekend

Yes Monday through Fridayers, it is once again that favorite time of the week again and the dawn of a new weekend. It's Friday again and Morgantown will once again have a few things going on both this weekend and tonight.

Tonight Boparc is playing the movie Flushed Away, if you have nothing else to do and you're looking for a little free entertainment the movie starts at dusk at the ampitheater. Amy and I rented this movie when we were dating, and neither one of us made it through the movie and all of us thought it wasn't very good. However if you need something to do this weekend...

Tomorrow I will be going to the annual Rosiak Family 4th of July cookout that I have been going to since Jackie and I were dating way back in 1998. This will be the tenth year for me attending and I have my monster squirt gun that I bring out one time a year ready to go. There is always a huge water battle every year and it's one of those events where you take a change of clothing.

Sunday there will be a triathalon being run throughout Morgantown. It's being sponsered by Med Express and has been run a few years now. Not sure if Mark Devault is running it this year, but he has in years past.

Have a good weekend.

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