Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Something New

I just got back from my walk, I wanted to beat the rain, and as I was walking sown by the Hazel Ruby McQuain Park on the river I noticed something that hadn't been there before. We now have a nice water fountain right behind the amphitheater.

I thought to myself "I wish I had my Camera", but then I remembered that my phone is also a Camera. So, on the day it was to my knowledge first run, I have a picture of the fountain working.

I didn't know of any previous plans for one, nor do I know if this will be the only one. However, I appreciate it and think it adds to the Morgantown culture a little bit.

On a side note I received my Credit Approval through JB Robinsons today. I think they were a little late in processing that. Oh well.

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