Sunday, June 03, 2007

A day at Coopers Rock

Yesterday the girls and I did a little running around and made a trip to Coopers Rock. It was only the second time Amy was ever there and the first time the little one had ever been there. I managed to take my camera with me and grab one of those once in a lifetime type of photos for the girls.

As I was looking through the pictures from yesterday I found the one of Amy and Josie and it caused me to reminisce a little of my own childhood, many, many moons ago when me and grandpa Hall had our picture taken together on Coopers Rock.

That picture has always been a favorite of mine. This was a man who raised me and who we lost 27 years to the day that I accomplished his dream for me when I graduated from college.

I couldn't let this moment pass, so I have already taken the picture of the girls and had a framed 8 X 10 made that I will give them this afternoon.

You only have so many chances on making memories of a lifetime, you can't let the simple ones pass you by.

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Unknown said...

great picture of the girls!