Friday, June 08, 2007


End of another week at work, I'm kind of looking forward to the weekend. Weather is supposed to be nice and I'm sure I'll find myself getting into something somewhere.

We tanked our softball game last night, we are just not playing like we have in years past. We're just not a very gooed team right now and aren't makng the routine plays. Hopefully we'll get it together because I think we have tied last seasons loss total already with a 3-4 record on the year. I think we were 7-0 at this point the last two seasons, or 6-1 at the worst.

I did find out last night that our shortstop is going to be heading to Iraq in early December for 6-10 months, depending on if he has to go to Kuwait first.

BOPARC is playing the movie RV tonight at marilla Park if anyone is looking for a little free entertainment.

I am going to be keeping my eye on the Major League baseball draft today. An ex-team mate of mine for a few years should have his name called today. I was talking to him last week and his fastball is up to 96 MPH (I saw him thrw 92 consistantly at a game a couple years ago) and he is a 2 Time All-American at Indiana Tech. He started playing softball with me when he was 14. If he ever makes it to the majors, I'll go cheer for him even if he is pitching against my beloved Pirates. Good Luck Josh.

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