Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Solved that Problem

Over the past six months or so my battery has been draining and didn't seem to be holding a charge at all. On many occasions I would have to take the battery out of the car and bring it in and charge it, however my battery charger always says the battery was fine and there is no problems with it. It just always appeard to have a slow drain for some reason. It had actually even drained on me twice while I was dating Amy.

I had pulled the terminal off numerous times to check and see if it was the alternator, but everytime I did it no problems appeared to be revealed. Yesterday I noticed that my battery light all of a sudden came on and I once again pulled the terminal, and walla. Bad alternator.

I had bought on with a lifetime warranty last year, and it's a good thing I saved my receipt, because that saved me well over $100 for a new altinator. For some reason altinators are kind of expensive for my car as it was for my Corsica.

I took the old one off, took it to Advance and had them test it. It was a defective part. Got a new free one and placed it on the car. Problem solved.

Woo Hoo

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