Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Finally back to form

Well it's about time, I finally had a big game last night and was very productive. I've been struggling all season and just couldn't get back on track. I usually swing a 30 oz bat, but last night switched to a 26 oz and was hitting the ball very well.

In years past, I have started with the lighter bat and then when I went cold swithed to a heavier bat. I've had most of my success the last couple years swinging a 30 oz'er so when I bought a new bat this year I bought a 30 oz bat.

I poppped up deep my first time at bat with my bat, then switched to Paul Portillo's 26 oz'er and finished 3-3 and driving in I think 6 runds in my final three at bats. My last at bat I actually swung at a pitch over my head and drove it for a solid base hit where I ended up at second. I felt comfortable after the slump ended.

We won 18-12 beating one of the top teams in the league. We finally are strating to look like the team of old.

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