Monday, June 12, 2006

Softball team does it again.

I'm going to have to get some more team pictures, these ones are getting old. Anyways, we entered tonights game with a 6-1 record and a five game winning streak in Boparc softball. We have managed to mercy rule a few teams in a row and have a bit of confidence going for us right now. Tonight's game started slow in the first few innings, but we caught fire late in the game and won 20-7. This extends our winning streak to six games and runs us to 7-1 on the season. I have missed one game this year and it is the one game we lost.

Thursday is going to be interesting because we are playing against not only mine, but three other team members former team. We play the Kountry Kreme Hillillies thursday night at 7:00. That is the old remaning remnance of the Walnut Lane-Recourse-Judies Lounge-Sports Page softball teams that I used to play for for years, so it will be interesting for me to finally get a chance to hit against a pitcher I worked with for about 15 years. Thursday Night at 7:00 if anyone is interested.

I played pretty decent tonight going 2 for 2 and making a hustling catch on a popup. As a team we are playing pretty decent and aren't making too many if any mental errors.

After the game a group of us went up to Prime Thyme, our sponser, for dinner and a few drinks. I love this time of the year and I am on a team that everyone gets along with one another. It's almost as if it were an extended family.

It was also nice to see Mark Devault's mom and dad make the game, they have always been very supportive of our team and it is a pleasure when they, and actually all of our dedicated fans come out and support this team.

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