Wednesday, April 08, 2020

Midweek Boredom

Well that is two boring days down, I've put in a dozen or so resumes in the past week, but it's all just a waiting game for me right now. I think I have a couple leads, but with the Corona Virus it's all nothing time a sit back and wait time until everything gets back to normal.

So what does one do with being stuck at home and being bored to death? I used to love to watch the series Survivor, and we now have Hulu, so I have decided to start watching a season of Survivor and binge watch as much of it as I can.

What season did I choose? I started with season 16 for some reason and started from there. It's a good way to pass the time away other than taking naps and eating all day every day. I used to write my blog in it's infancy based on the show, but I haven't seen it in well over ten years so it was like hooking up with an old friend.

Have yourselves a great day, one day at a time we will all get through this together. Stay strong, wash your hands and social distance.

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