Thursday, June 21, 2012

Photo Flashback Thursday

It's once again that time of the week when I take a little bit of time out and look through all of my older pictures and select just one picture to tell a little story about. Some times it's pretty easy finding that picture and sometimes it's pretty difficult, but it is always a lot of fun and one of my favorite blogs of the week to write. 

I thought I would celebrate yesterday being the first day of summer with a picture of a group of guys I used to refer to as the boys of summer. 

If you know me, I played softball for a lot of years at BOPARC, I'm currently in my second year of retirement with another goal in mind, but my heart will always be on the fields. It was the time of the year that I always looked forward to the most and I was fortunate enough top play on a number of pretty good teams through the years. 

The photo from this weeks flashback is an old photo of the last year we were Prime Time. We had lost a few players from the Championship run the year before, but we picked up a few players too. This was the season we got moved up and were tearing up the league until we got to the playoffs and the team we played magically was about 10 players different than what we had clobbered earlier in the year. IOW they picked up a bunch of illegal roster players, most of which were open flight players, and they turned the table on us. 

I miss playing the game, half of me wants to continue to play but I know I can no longer compete at the level that I want to. My heart will always be out on those fields though. Some of my fondest memories. 

Hi ho hi ho

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