Monday, June 25, 2012

Back to Work

Well it's time for me to stop enjoying my fun filled three day weekend and get ready to go to work the next three days. I do this so I can continue to enjoy the things that we look forward to on the times that we don't work.

Going to be a short week for me, going to make next weekend a four day weekend as we head out to see Jimmy Buffett this Thursday. So we'll take of Friday too because it is an all day event Thursday and we'll be getting home early Friday Morning.

Chad is doing well for all who are concerned. With each passing day he is in less and less pain and starting to get around a little more. It'll still be another two to three weeks before the doctor completely releases him to no restrictions, but he is recovering nicely.

On a sad note, a damn deer has eaten all of our pepper plants. Last night I walked out and even caught saw it in the back yard. I feel a man vs deer winner take all to the death wrestling match coming on pretty soon. Buy your tickets now.

Speaking of, off to the gym to train.

Hi ho hi ho

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