Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Tuesday's Tidbits

* Well Monday is once again behind us and we are looking straight down the barrel of a Tuesday, if you know me that means that I am one person who can not think of a better reason that that to do a tidbits.

* It's been 1,299 days since mine and Michelle's first date, I must be one heck of a unique individual to even be still tracking this, and I am.

* 522 days ago I proposed marriage.

* 59 Days ago we all gathered at the Marilla Center for a party and to make it official.

* There are still only 82 more shopping days left until Christmas.

* We had a little accident here Sunday evening, water got into Michelle's laptop and pretty much ruined it. I've ordered her another one and am trying to make hers do until that one arrives.

* I had a nice little pleasant surprise today, I figured out that I am going to have a three day weekend coming up. Next Monday is Columbus Day, a Federal Holiday!!!!

* Hi ho hi ho

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