Saturday, October 15, 2011

Saturday Morning Ouch

Yesterday wasn't the best of days, and it wasn't the worse of days. It started out with me going to the gym and getting a great workout, followed by me having to go to the restroom and having my iPhone drop out of its holster and smashing the glass in the front.

I called Apple and was going to do whatever it took to have it repaired or replaced, however that is not covered under the warranty. They will give you what they call an "Out of Warranty Replacement" for $199.00 However when I tried to make an appointment yesterday, it was then that I realized the iPhone 4s was being released and I had no chance of getting into an Apple Store.

Long story short, they cut the price to $149.99 and $29.99 for overnight shipping and my new iPhone should be either here today, or I'll get it Monday. Being this is Saturday, my guess is I'll get it Monday.

I did buy an Otter Box Defender yesterday to protect the new Phone when it arrives. I bought one for Hayley and for Michelle previously, but it was me who did not buy one for himself that dropped his and smashed it.

A little over a week ago water got onto and into Michelle's old laptop. As a quick fix I bought her a new one and tried to fix the old one. Yesterday the new keyboard arrived and the old laptop, which we will now refer to my new laptop, so I changed it and problem was fixed. It's as good as new.

We did manage to attend Mountaineer Madness yesterday evening, and we had a great time. I went alone last year because Michelle was under the weather. This year with walking cast on, she managed to get around much better and is starting to adapt to that big cast. Gotta love her, and I do, she is a trooper.

Have a great day.

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