Sunday, January 30, 2011

Hey Phil

My little groundhog buddy, king of all things groundhog. I am humbly coming to you this year to appeal to both you and Mother Nature to not see your shadow on Wed.

I know this is your day, Eric and Kevin will try not to live the nightmare that Phil Conners had to live some 18 years ago, and try to do a live remote from Gobblers Knob with you.

Tens of Thousands of people will flock to your little knoll and await to see what you say about our future weather. But Phil, my old dear and trusted groundhog friend. I've tried bribing you in the past, I've tried scaring you in the past, this year I humbly come to you and ask what it is you desire to fail to see your shadow?

A bottle of Scotch? A new car? A couple slutty midget groundhogs? What ever it is you need to "not see your shadow" just tell me and I will do my best to arrange it.

Please Phil, I HATE SNOW and am sick of it.

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