Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Hey Phil

My Punxatawney little buddy, how are you doing? Did you enjoy the assortment of fine chocolates that we sent you or did the damn snow prevent them from arriving.

Listen Rat, I'm not one who gets all giddy when they see freshly fallen snow, I'm more the exact opposite. I don't like the stuff. I think you and I have had our discussions in the past about how I don't like this stiff.

I need you to do me a small favor, tell Mother Nature since you are closer to her than I am at this moment that I'm tired of all the snow already. Warm it up so the roads aren't hazardous to travel and you don't need to wear a winter jacket to go outside. Is this too much to ask my little rodent friend?

Hi ho hi ho I hate this freaking snow.

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