Thursday, June 10, 2010

Rainy Days

Yesterday we received some much needed rain to help cleanse the air. It renews and cleans everything giving us a nice spring fresh smell. I'm just glad we got our two softball games in this week on Monday and Tuesday.

I still have a website that I need to develop again and I have been looking for ways to redevelop Shitzngiggles again, even though I haven't done anything with it for a while. I may just stick the old website back up there with the games. I've played with the idea of putting a topic specif blog there and I have played with the idea of throwing some type of a video site up. I've been looking, but nothing seems to have tickled my fancy as of yet. I have been looking at Hotscripts for something to put up there. Anything I guess is better than nothing.

Oh well, hi ho hi ho

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